Monday, May 20, 2013

Knitting Balls

55 Christmas Balls to Knit by Arne & Carlos
Trafalger Square Books
ISBN: 9781570764875

Easter Knits by Anre & Carlos
Trafalger Square Books
ISBN: 9781570765643

I have to admit that I don't tend to knit balls for any occasion but have been tempted to whip some up for Christmas presents. In an effort to get some knitting done before Christmas this year, I decided to check out Arne & Carlos' book 55 Christmas Balls to Knit. I love the variety of designs and the photography is fantastic. I'm a fairly experienced knitter and I was happy to see patterns that range from fairly simple to quite complex. I also checked out the Easter Knits book and thought it was quite cute, although I don't think I'll be knitting Easter balls as it's not really a holiday that I celebrate. In addition to the balls, there are patterns for little animals in the Easter book that are more appealing to me. Overall, these are really fun and unique books and a must have for Christmas presents that won't take you 6 months to get done (at least if you aren't me, it won't).

Skill Level; Experienced Beginner - Intermediate or Expert
Rating: ★★★★