Monday, October 18, 2010

Watch for these upcoming crafty delights!

Coming Soon!

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris
"America's most delightfully unconventional hostess and the bestselling author of I Like You delivers a new book that will forever change the world of crafting. According to Amy Sedaris, it's often been said that ugly people craft and attractive people have sex. In her new book, SIMPLE TIMES, she sets the record straight. Demonstrating that crafting is one of life's more pleasurable and constructive leisure activities, Sedaris shows that anyone with a couple of hours to kill and access to pipe cleaners can join the elite society of crafters."

The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger
80 pages of cute and cuddle monsters!

"Popular designer Rebecca Danger presents 20 patterns for the most adorable monsters ever to climb off a pair of knitting needles. Each stuffie comes with complete instructions and is as easy to knit as a hat (but a lot more spunky!). All are shown in two colorways, and most are done in two yarn weights, to help you pick the perfect yarn to suit your monster's personality. Great how-to photos are included."
Felt Friends From Japan: 86 Super-cute Toys and Accessories by Naomi Tabatha
"Felt Friends from Japan is a treasure trove of delightful felt projects--86 in all--including not just adorable soft toys, but also coin purses, bags, cell phone holders, badges, and flowers. Author Naomi Tabatha has gone for a retro feel, capturing the style she remembers from her childhood in Japan during the 1960s and 1970s. There are Soft Toys like Brown Bear, Rika the Rabbit, and Little Red Hood; Forest Friends named Fumiko Fawn and Little Rabbit; and the Beret Buddies, Miki the Monkey and Pao the Elephant. Also included are Cute 'n' Fun Accessories like the Frog Coin Purse, the Sausage Dog Pencil Case and the Little Bear Card Case"   *COMING MAR 2011
Made in France Sweet Treats in Cross Stitch  by Tinou Le Senoville
"Strawberry shortcakes, plump macarons, toffee apples and ice-cream sundaes - these mouthwatering motifs in delicious colours will inspire you to create beautiful gifts and accessories for the home. The twenty projects in "Sweet Treats in Cross-Stitch" include placemats, napkins, bibs, bags, aprons, cushions and tea towels, but once you've mastered this simple stitch the possibilities are endless. Motifs are embroidered on impossibly chic French homewares in colours and styles that are appealing to make for and with children. Each project is illustrated with a full page photograph and grid. The motifs can be used to transform and embellish an endless array of homewares and accessories."