Monday, January 31, 2011

Crafty Projects for 2011

It's the end of January already!? Sadly, I've been neglecting my poor crafty blog. Not because I'm not reading and not crafting but perhaps because I've been doing a little too much of both. Well, without further delay - let me tell you about some books I've been checking out.

Mastering Color Knitting
Potter Craft, pub. Nov. 2010
ISBN: 9780307586506

I just love Potter Craft books! They are always very well done and have great charts and instructions. This one is no exception. As a knitter new to color knitting I found this book very useful in explaining techniques that you NEED to know so your project ends up looking fabulous instead of looking like a lumpy mess.

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced
Rating: ★★★★★

Sewing Machine Basics by Jane Bolsover
Cico Books, pub.Oct 2010
ISBN: 9781907030734

I got my first sewing machine for Christmas so I've been devouring any sewing books I can get my hands on. This one is particularly good because it covers every imaginable technique for any beginner or intermediate sewer. I love the easy to follow instructions and think this should be next to everyone's sewing machine as a handy reference. This book covers even the most basic of techniques - but believe me, even something seemingly basic can be a mystery if you haven't used a machine in quite some time.

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Rating: ★★★★★ 

Amy Butler's Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags by Amy Butler
Chronicle Books, pub.Aug 2010
ISBN: 9780811866699 

I love Amy Butler's fabric so I thought I'd take a peek at some of her patterns. First of all I love the bag and the fabric on the cover so I was hooked without even opening the book. I quickly realized that even the most basic bag was a bit too ambitious for my sewing skills. It required a lot of materials (e.g. two prints, interfacing, and fleece interfacing) which I did not have on hand and wasn't sure I wanted to invest in to "try" one of the projects. However, I will definitely revisit this book for patterns and inspiration once I have few more projects under my belt. Fantastic pictures and clear instructions make this a must have for anyone with intermediate level sewing skills and a love of all things pretty.

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Rating: ★★★★

Bow Wow WOW!: Fetching Costumes for Your Fabulous Dog by Cathie Filian
Lark Books, pub. Oct 2008
ISBN: 9781600592355

This one is neither new nor anything I'm prepared to try but I thought it was so wacky that someone has got to love it! The costumes in this book sort of remind me of toddler pageant costumes and I don't have dog - probably a good thing for the poor dog - so I won't be attempting anything from this book. Nonetheless, check out the author's website for a sample of what you'll find inside!


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