Monday, July 19, 2010

Lather Up!

Make Your Own Soap by Joy James
Morse-Brown Publishing, pub. 2010
ISBN: 9780955024177 

I've recently picked up some "how-to" books; so my next few reviews will be focused on the wonderful crafts they feature. I was extremely lucky to have two books sent to me from How2Crafts in the UK. They have a fantastic series of books on a great many crafts. In addition, they are currently asking people to vote on the topic of their next book and I highly suggest you visit their site and add your two cents!

Make Your Own Soap, is a topic I've wanted to know more about for some time.  I purchase handmade soaps and have always admired the craftsmanship of well made soap. Not only am I looking for quality ingredients and a soothing scent, I also want my soap to look like a bit of artistry went into it. This book will help you achieve all of these things.

This book is a wonderful resource for a beginner soap maker. It gives readers the steps to making soap using the "cold process" and walks you through it from the very beginning. Everything from equipment needed, an explanation of base oils, additives, fragrancing, and colouring to clean up, it is all covered!

The photographs are excellent illustrations of method and will assist you with the process. Supplies needed are easily identifiable and my favorite part is the "troubleshooting" section at the end. Does your batter look curdled? Have your additives sunk to the bottom? There's help with that.

Overall, a valuable addition to any craft or hobby enthusiast's book shelf. An added bonus for those tech-savvy crafters - it is available to purchase as an ebook.

Don't forget to upload a photo of your creation to the How2Crafts website for a chance to get yourself in print when the next edition of the book is made!

Skill Level : Beginner
Rating: ★★★★★


  1. Hi Melissa,
    thank you you a fabulous review of my book. I really do hope that you will have a go at making a batch or two of soap and let me know how it goes and post your picture to How2Crafts.

    Joy :-)